Collective Efforts

The NCWA calls upon like-minded fellows to partake in solving global humanitarian issues and foster the development of a more harmonious global society, based on civil liberties, tolerance, religious freedoms and inadmissibility of history falsification and the suppression of facts.

By organizing public initiatives, the NCWA aims to unite individual efforts into a collective force, capable of challenging the status quo. The NCWA sponsors petitions, sends out statements and memorandums to international organizations, NGOs, governments, parliaments and interact with state officials and civil society groups.  The NCWA regularly informs its members about current programs and provides the opportunity to participate in its petitions and actions.

Volunteer and Career Opportunities

The NCWA welcomes volunteers who are willing to assist with professional matters, including translators (Western and Eastern Armenian, Turkish, French, Russian), journalists, copywriters, historians and political analysts. If you want to engage as a volunteer, please email us at volunteer@ncwarmenians.org.

The NCWA is interested in collaborating with international lawyers, political scientists, economists, and specialists in Armenian, Russian, and Turkish studies. If you are interested in working with the NCWA, please email us at careers@ncwarmenians.org.

Involving People and Organizing Events

The NCWA encourages dissemination of information about its programs and building awareness of the Armenian Question across the Armenian communities.

The NCWA is ready to provide support to those who are considering forming a fellow-countryman association of Western Armenians and will facilitate incorporating the organization into the global network of Western Armenian establishments around the world. With inquiries, please contact at countryman@ncwarmenians.org.

If you are willing to host conferences related to the Armenian Question, the NCWA is ready to assist and participate in organizing the event, including providing historical materials, presentations, speakers, etc. For matters related to conferencing, please contact at conference@ncwarmenians.org.


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