Development of a framework for the settlement of the Armenian Question in its Western and Eastern Armenian aspects based on the norms of international law and the political and military realities.

Creation of strategies and tactics for the restoration of rights and protection of interests of Western Armenians. Elaboration of claims to the Republic of Turkey on behalf of the Plenipotentiary Representative Body of Western Armenians acting as a claimant on behalf of the descendants of survivors of the Medz Yeghern to compel restitution for moral, material, and land damages caused to the Armenian nation by the crimes against humanity and civilization which have no statute of limitations.

Development of policy guidelines, social and economic programs to facilitate the adoption of a state-level plan for an organized, systematic, and safe repatriation of Western Armenians to their historical homeland.

Development of legal materials supporting the preparation of lawsuits for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Azeri regime against the Armenian population of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Assessment of material, moral, and land damages caused by the pogroms, massacres and forced expulsion of ethnic Armenians. Determination of the unlawfulness of the territorial claims of Azerbaijan and facilitation of the international condemnation of the ongoing war and war threats against the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

Investigation of the aggression and terror of the totalitarian Soviet regime, including the forced Sovietization and territorial dismemberment of the Republic of Armenia along with the repressions, deportations, executions and property confiscation. Establishment of an ad hoc international criminal tribunal for the Soviet regime in Armenia and creation of guidelines for its formation and activities.

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