After the collapse of the Soviet Union and independence of Armenian, a group of thirty prominent intellectuals and patriots appealed to the descendants of Western Armenians in the press and substantiated the necessity of convening the Third Congress of Western Armenians to establish a plenipotentiary representative body of Western Armenians in exile. An organizational committee was formed to prepare the conference, which subsequently took place in historic Sèvres, France in December 2011.

The Third Congress instituted the National Congress of Western Armenians, an international non-governmental organization authorized to represent the collective rights of Western Armenians before courts and international organizations.

The Third Congress of Western Armenians

Sèvres, France, December 10–11, 2011

The Third Congress of Western Armenians was instituted by the delegates from numerous fellow-countryman associations of Western Armenians around the world, representing the Armenian communities of Russia, France, United States, Canada, England, Argentina, Austria, Switzerland, and Armenia. In his opening speech, Karen Mikaelian, the Executive Director of the International Organizing Committee, substantiated the historic need to resume the work of the historical Congress of Western Armenians and establish an authoritative and representative body of Western Armenians.

The Third Congress of Western Armenians established the National Congress of Western Armenians, an international NGO, elected the management, established the charter, determined its mission and primary goals.

The Fourth Congress of Western Armenians

Paris, March 28–29, 2015

The Fourth Congress of Western Armenians gathered delegates from Western Armenian communities throughout the world and put forth a memorandum to the Turkish Government demanding the following actions:

  • Adopt regulations that will ensure reparations and the return of assets that belonged to the Armenian community, including churches, schools, material, and cultural heritage.
  • Nullify all rules and regulations relating to deportation and expatriation of ethnic Armenian, expropriation, and liquidation of “abandoned property” and decisions made strictly against ethnic Armenians.
  • Implement consistent reforms to create auspicious conditions for a safe and tolerant coexistence of the peoples of Turkey, including Armenians, so that Armenians will not have to hide their ethnic origin.
  • Open the borders with the Republic of Armenia without preconditions and initiate steps to establish diplomatic relationships with Armenia.

The Fourth Congress decided to engage in direct negotiations with official representatives of the Republic of Turkey and simultaneously begin filing collective lawsuits in Turkish courts.


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