Development of a political, national, and state doctrine based on the critical analysis of the past 150 years of the Armenian history and today’s global geopolitical conditions to address the existential challenges of the Armenian nation. Provision of social, political and military guidelines for preventing war in Artsakh and restoration of the territorial integrity of Armenia with Artsakh. Overcoming the consequences of Medz Yeghern and joint Soviet-Turkish aggression.

Lifting the blockade of the Republic of Armenia and ceasing the ongoing usurpation of rights of Western Armenians resulting in a continuous assimilation of the Armenian Diaspora. Strengthening the sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia and exploiting the new geopolitical opportunities to improve the economic and political ties with the European Union and the USA without posing additional risks to social, economic and military stability in the region.

Formation of a modern Armenian national identity encompassing the multi-religious, multilingual and multicultural nature of the present-day Armenians. Development of social and cultural programs for enriching relations between the parts of the Armenian World: the Armenian Diaspora, the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, and the Armenian and crypto-Armenian population of Turkey. Bridging the dialogue between Armenians and crypto-Armenians, including Muslim Armenians, for creating social incentives for Islamized Armenians to recognize their Armenian identity.

Promoting democracy and human rights in Turkey with the support of the awakening multi-million crypto-Armenian population willing to improve their civil rights and freedoms as well as to advocate the historical justice and reconciliation.

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