Development of the Armenian factor in geopolitics and international relations to promote resolution of conflicts in the Middle East and Transcaucasia based on the acknowledgment of national interests, international law and the universal human rights and values.

Supporting the process of reconciliation of Turks and Armenians, removal of the Turkish blockade of Armenia and achievement of international guarantees for the secure repatriation of Armenians to their historical homeland. Contributing to the European integration of Turkey by recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkish Government and provision of reparations to Western Armenians, the victims of Meds Yeghern, based on the norms of international law and the legacy of European history.

Peacebuilding in the Transcaucasian region by promoting the correction of wrongful territorial decisions of the totalitarian Soviet regime and recognizing the territorial integrity of Armenia in the boundaries of the Republic of Armenia and the liberated and de facto controlled Nagorno-Karabakh region (Artsakh). Developing programs to protect the Armenian national interests and build peace and prosperity in the region together with the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

Contributing to the development of the economic and democratic freedoms, political competition, rule of law, human rights and the free press in the Republic of Armenia. Developing programs for the preservation of the Armenian national heritage, enhancing the social progress across the Armenian communities and enabling their active contribution to the democratic, cultural and human values of the ever evolving world.

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